A New Type of Mobile Scam on the Eve of New Year Holidays

A New Type of Mobile Scam on the Eve of New Year HolidaysMobile” scam artists come up with another way to get rich on the eve of New Year holidays a new type of mobile fraud. Reported  the call to your telephone number in a “white list” by which the subscriber can call on New Year’s guaranteed to be absolutely all night without interruption and short beeps “busy.”

Sending out claim that on 31 December the main cellular equipment will be turned off except for the spare designed for subscribers of the “white list”. To do this, you must register your number on a paid website.

 However, the mobile companies themselves on the eve of December 31 is traditionally prepare your network for increased loads, and the establishment of a list, the more disconnected the equipment, can be no question.

So, for example, technical experts, “Mobile TeleSystems” is carried out full control check of all equipment, expanding its network capacity and bandwidth, especially in long-distance direction to millions of subscribers across the country can get through to relatives and friends.Do the same and the other networks. Speaking of the upcoming holidays, we encourage subscribers not to respond to such messages, told the correspondent of “SG” public relations director of the Volga branch of OJSC “MegaFon” Elena Kharitonov. 

To the New Year congratulations relatives on the phone, do not engage in “the lists are chosen.” Today we are actively preparing the network to the New Year high loads, installing additional equipment and expand the existing capabilities. The New Year’s Eve, as well as other holidays, shutdowns of equipment occurs. Telecom operators are fighting for every customer and are interested only in providing quality services  commented technical director of the Moscow region JSC “Vimpel Com” Sergei Lyadova.

 According to the General Director of JSC “SMARTS” Andrew Kettlebell , the holiday season the number of scams in cellular networks is growing exponentially progressions. And all the fault of ordinary citizens trust. You can protect yourself , if the subscriber has received a suspicious SMS ku, then double-check the information in it can have the official support of his statement. Urgent measures to combat the fraudsters are taking and the operators themselves. For example, in “MegaFon” cooperated with the content provider, whose numbers are used scammers. As a result of “deceptive” resources have been closed.

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