5 Most Advanced Technology Products in 2012


Current human life is coloured by a lot of advanced technology products. Not the product stand out and make their own mark but now there are a lot of outstanding products and put human life to the next “level”.

Mashable site recently summarized the five outstanding advanced technology products in 2012 on the technology, design, usability and features. Here are 5 products.

Google Glass

Google Glass – personal computers of the future.

This product seems to bring technology from the future closer to humans than ever before.Although only a trial version but what Google Glass has pleased a lot of people and promises a new era of technology soon. Google Glass is considered the first high-tech equipment in the world can wear. 
AR.Drone 2.0

The Parrot AR Drone is produced by more and more used for diverse purposes.

Although originally designed as a device to “entertain” those who own iPad tablet. However AR.Drone has quickly become a multi-technology equipment used in geological observation, exploration, research and even track. This aircraft has also recently appeared in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as a weapon. The controls are simple iPad makes the aircraft more attractive than ever.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft unveiled Surface table computer and many people are skeptical about the fate of this tablet.

This year may be said to be a special year when Microsoft launched the new Windows operating system is accompanied by the Surface table computer user is doing a lot of surprises. Luxury design with keyboard Touch Cover makes Microsoft Surface more power to compete in the tablet market is monopolized by the iPad and Android products.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note II was ranked by property S-Pen pen with several interesting features.

Samsung to produce phones with huge screens and they continue to produce other smartphones with screen … super great. With a larger 5.5-inch screen, the Galaxy Note II became a hybrid device between smartphones and tablets. Most special and makes Galaxy Note II on the list This is the S-Pen pen Samsung developed for Note II makes this product stand out from all the other products on the market.


Lytro is changing form of photography in the future.

It seems all too familiar with the camera “small but martial”. This weird camera recorded the whole range of light around objects were taken which allows the user to change the focus point, change some colors on images and even change the angle. Now standing for a long time to choose the angle, focus or find beautiful frames will disappear with the appearance of Lytro. Lytro currently is a pioneer in camera capture revolution of the 21st century.


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