3D Printer Creates Thumbnail Identical to the User

3D Printer Creates Thumbnail Identical to the User 1

The Japanese company wants to revolutionize Party to enter the first cabin in the 3D world. The novelty will be available within views Eye of Gyre between 24 November and 14 January 2013 in Harajuku, Japan and allows users to receive a miniature version of themselves.

3D Printer Creates Thumbnail Identical to the User 2The miniatures come in three sizes: 10, 15 and 20 cm and cost ¥ 21 thousand and ¥ 32 thousand ¥ 42 thousand, respectively (£ 540, £ 824 and £ 1100). The first step is to make a reservation at the site. But the process itself begins with the scanning of the person which lasts around 15 minutes. The data are passed to software that gives the finishing touches on the model before printing.

The 3D printing technology has been available for years but their costs have always been too high for popularizing the appliance. Some attempts, such as a portable 3D printer are also available to the public.

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