2029, The Year in Which Robots will be as Intelligent as we

Year in Which Robots will be as Intelligent as we - Predictions 2099

The popular inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil  renowned for it makes predictions about the future of mankind said: Technology is an extension of all of us, but before long it will be integrated into our body.Here we will discuss that in which year Robots will be as Intelligent as we.

.Bill Gates said that  Ray Kurzweil is one of the geniuses of artificial intelligence.

2029, the year that the world will change radically

American futurologist says that if technology will develop at the same pace as now then in 2029 cars will be as intelligent as humans. He bases this prediction on studies he has done for the past 30 years.

Until then, however, we use technology in many different ways and we get circuits implant us to be more intelligent or to hold a tremendous amount of information.Theoretically, we would be able to respond instantly to any question. for example, history or world geography and scholar of things we would do exactly as downloading a file from the Internet.

But in 2029, as believes futurologist, we have computers to know in detail how the brain works and there will be software to do such simulations. Cars are not limited to fulfill some tasks. They will be thinking and emotional intelligence as subtle and complex as us.

Futurologist believes that in 2029,  first evidence will appear that cars have reached a high level of artificial intelligence. Then, he says, they will be able to pass the Turing test which means that their level of intelligence will be identical to that of man.Intelligence not just talking logic, mathematics, machines, but also their ability to take moral thinking and to show respect.

Kurzweil believes that by 2050, the medicine will progress so far that life of  fantastic people will increase because of nanobots.

American futurologist has a long list of predictions . He said, among other things, that in 2049 we will no longer distinguish between reality and virtual reality and human thinking in 2099 will not have any advantage over thinking machines. In fact, this year there will be a clear distinction between man and machine. In the same year, we get to be immortal due to progress in medicine and robots in future.

Where we are now

Despite the optimistic forecasts made Kurtzweil, mankind has to get to build robots so advanced.

Artificial Intelligence is a pretty large area. Currently it is divided into several areas trying to solve specific problems using algorithms. For Example a very advanced algorithms to play chess or phones that we answer questions and schedule our meetings – See the Siri from Apple – but there is more work to integrate all these algorithms in what is called strong, that will true artificial intelligence , “Said Asif Iqbal who is the founders of Popular Science Blog , AI Expert and Futurologist.

He also added that specialists must work fantastic in the years to come to see the first truly intelligent robot,

” In terms of software algorithms, I believe that we need about 10 years of research and development in this regard. In terms of physical appearance, robots like Data from Star Trek already there , “he said.

The existence of so smart machine should be, at least in theory, a plus for humanity because they can take all routine tasks.

“Sure, technological progress makes us to think robots will replace people which happens today but it is unlikely that they will destroy us harder than we do ourselves. should not forget that robots are nothing more than tools designed some new people to serve a purpose and we know that any tool built by man can equally well be used to do harm or good , “says Ionut Cotoi who is Futurologist.

What you think, how Robots in future looks like.


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