20,000 Mobile Spammers Banned on the SIM Card

Mobile spammers banned on the SIM card

Radical means to prevent the sending of advertising and hacking sms-messages used the power of Great Britain. They blocked the first 20,000 SIM cards, which was carried out with the mass mailing of spam.

According to the British Information Commissioner’s Office, dealing with the protection of sensitive personal information, it is only a first step, because every day in the UK sends about eight million unwanted mobile messages .

According to the manager-ICO investigator David Clancy, sending mobile spam is a serious business with a turnover of millions of pounds . 

As soon as the spammers get information about your room, they will sell it to customers – he said. – First for advertising mailing to your address will be paying a pound and a half, then the price will fall, but will increase the number of customers.

Six months ago, ICO has received new powers to combat mobile spam, reports BBC . In addition to disabling it may impose a fine of up to half a million pounds on the organizers of spamming. Cellular operators have supported the activities of agencies, noting that they themselves are not able to recognize and block spam messages the authors.

Recall that the struggle with this “business” is conducted in Russia. The representatives of the operators “big three” Roskomnadzor and law enforcement agencies are looking for effective methods of combating fraud and spam over cellular networks.

In particular, recently Acting Chief of the 39th Division of the Office “to” the Russian Interior Ministry police Lt. Col. Theodore Kutz said that such crimes can be transferred into the category of moderate severity , which will toughen the punishment of up to five years of real prison.

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