11 Essential Apps for iPhone With Jailbreak

jailbreakMany iPhone users believe that official applications are not enough which Apple offers through its App Store, and you are quite limited possibilities of customization of your devices.

I’ve been using jailbreak a few months and after trying several different apps and accessories I bring you a list of the most caught my attention lately:


Zephyr offers a new way of multitasking , and that through this add can change from application to application with a simple finger movement backward or forward without having to press the start button, as the bar navigation appears and disappears very easily. This allows us not having to avandonar the application where we are. Finally, in Cydia cost is $ 3.


iCaughtU is a useful application that automatically makes a picture (on the iPhone iPhone 4 and 4S) in case someone tries to access our phone and this type in the unlock code incorrectly. This photo can be configured to be sent to our email and also a pop-up jump on the phone indicating that a device is lost and must be returned to its owner. Finally, the cost is $ 2.5 in Cydia.


With Spire can implement the functionality of Siri on any device with IOS different 4S, for example, our iPad or even our iPod Touch. The cost of this service is $ 20 per year in maintenance costs of the proxy addresses needed to run the app, but we can always find cheaper ways if we are looking for free hosting .


With IntelliScreenX can modify at will the notification center of the lock screen. This app lets you add the notifications you want and the style is very LockInfo. IntelliScreenX is a perfect app for those who want fewer pictures and text notifications. Finally, costs $ 10 in Cydia.

5:Color Keyboard

Keyboard with Color can change the color of the keyboard of our iPhones classify and forget the next preset. With this app you can even create a custom theme. Finally, Color Keyboard has a cost of $ 2 in Cydia.

6:Pull To Refresh Safari

With the utility of Pull To Refresh Safari can include the benefits of Twitter and Facebook with which simplementemente dragging the screen down we update our web browser , allowing us to save considerable time in sharing any information with our social networks .Finally, this app is free in Cydia.


With this application we will not make typing errors on our iPhone. Yourself-correction will not change the words written by those suggestedunless we push them and not about self-correction by default IOS. If we decide to use this application will have to disconnect the native IOS. Finally, ManualCorrect is priced at $ 2 in Cydia.


With this extension we can reject or delete notifications from our lock screen without the need to unlock our device. Ipsum is valid for all alerts and notifications from the center of how to remove the ads is as simple as moving it left and then right. Finally, Ipsum is free through Cydia.


This application brings the functionality to use panoramic photos on your desktop , allowing progress in the photo as you change your desktop. With Parallax we can customize our wallpaper with the best pictures from our library. Finally, Parallax is priced at $ 1.50 through Cydia.


Would you change the way you navigate between your desktop? Barrel can be modified with a simple way the transitions we have from different screens of your iPhone , PowerPoint style and different transitions between slides. For example, Barrel can browse our desk to simulate the rotation of a 3D cube. Finally, Barrel is free on Cydia.


Everyone who has used or made ??known jailbreak WinterBoard and for Mac users, CandyBar is a very well known that we can change the look of the icons that come by default on our OS. With DreamBoard can provide acompletely customized look to your desktop and can trace the appearance of an Android or Windows Phone. Finally, DreamBoard free in Cydia but depending on the topics we choose will probably have to buy them.

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