10 Reasons Why Android Continue to “Hot” for Many Years to

10 Reasons Why Android Continue to "Hot" for Many Years to 2

1. There are many mobile manufacturers based on Android

We have thousands of different mobile devices running Android from smartphones to tablets and other products to win business.

2. Google supports partners

Google attracted many partners involved in the Android world, encouraging them to invest as much as possible on this platform.

3. Google’s brand value

Google’s brand value is also a very important factor affecting the success of Android.This brand are both customers and trusted partners.

4. Apple has only 3 devices

The main competitors are Android is iOS only appear on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

5. The decline of RIM

Last year, RIM’s market share has dropped to just 6% and this number may continue to decline by 2016. RIM’s decline is favorable opportunities for Android.

6. Using your device (BYOD)

BYOD policy allows employees to use their own equipment in the work environment has become one of the most influential trend. 

With BYOD, Android will have more opportunities to expand markets.

7. Microsoft has little chance of competing

Microsoft also has licensing strategies for manufacturers to use as Window Phone Android. However, this operating system 2012 can only muster about 5.2% market share.

8. Support of the network

These carriers like Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile is the secret weapon behind the success of Android.

9. Application Support

When Apple launched the App Store app store, not long after, Google also released Google App Store Play (previously known as Android Market) with high-quality applications, improving the commercial attractiveness for Us Android.

10. Business is gradually interested in Android

Businesses are very interested in Android, they are gradually accept and keep an eye on Android devices running this OS.

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