10 Mythical Nokia phones

nokiaWe review ten mythical Nokia phones, many of them responsible for the absolute mass of mobile phones worldwide.

Nokia has been acquired by Microsoft and definitely represents the end of an era in mobile telephony . Maybe it seems that happened centuries ago but since the mid-90s until the emergence of the iPhone, the Finnish company was the king of mobile producing hundreds of devices, selling hundreds of millions of units and being directly responsible for the absolute mass of connection mobility and life, either through a network for voice or data.

Models and variants produced by Nokia are many, but these are the ten models we consider legendary brand.

1:Nokia 1610


Announced in 1994 but popularized in 1995 and especially in 1996.¬†It was probably the first mobile phone to use many in Latin America as it was one of the two “really small” models, with a Motorola, which were sold at the time.

Used the larger version of a SIM (1FF) card and antenna for best reception drop was indoors. It was the first model incorporating Nokia ringtone. He was able to send and receive SMS while the function was not particularly publicized. Memory for 10 calls received, 10 dialed calls and 10 missed calls.

2:Nokia 6110/6120


It was the flagship phone of the brand from 1997 to 2001, is largely responsible for the popularization of Nokia in America during the late 90s, being the best selling mobile in 1998 with 21 million units.

Because at that time mobile phones were used to work especially the 61xx series was always oriented such consumers. It was the first device of brand icons in the graphical interface, the game Snake and infrared port.

The 6110 and its American variant, 6120, was the first mobile phone to use an ARM processor.

3:Nokia 8110


The phone in¬†The Matrix¬† the film was responsible for the extreme popularity of this model costing almost¬†‚ā¨ 1000¬†but came to be sold at even higher prices on auction sites like eBay after the release of the film.

The 8110 was especially market-oriented business and had some very advanced features (but little used) as the ability to update its firmware OTA (Over The Air) without having to resort to serial connections from a computer. It was one of the smallest and lightest of its era terminals. There was also an improved version of the phone, the 8110i allowing downloading ringtones via SMS.

Unlike¬†The Matrix¬†, top 8110 no “jumped” by pressing a button that was added for dramatic effects in the movie function.¬†But to build on the success and interest generated, Nokia added that function to 7110 which was released in 1999 (which is why many believe that¬†this¬†is the model that appears in the film).

4:Nokia 5110


The¬†Nokia 5110¬†was the consumer version in 1998 and eventually rose to become the world’s most popular models.¬†It sparked a fashion have the ability to change the front cover.¬†It did not include the vibration function but it was possible agregarsela replacing the battery with one that supports the function.

In addition, the Nokia 5110 had a function that probably no one use: the ability to use it as a fax / modem 9600 bps. Received SMS messages, but in many countries the shipping capacity was nerfed.

5:Nokia 8210


Launched in 1999, the Nokia 8210 was the smallest and lightest device market also use materials premium interchangeable faces that outlined the high-end market but without falling into common planes in designs branded devices oriented businesses.

In Latin America 8260 or 8265 variants that are connected to extremely popular TDMA networks in those years was distributed by region. Unlike 8210, it was not possible to change the front faces.

6:Nokia 8850


Also released in 1999, the 8850 was probably the first design of a mobile-oriented consumers who claimed to have a team with a lot of style, market premiere . His case was chromed with a keyboard cover that slid down so the microphone closer to your mouth. The materials, size and weight made ??this tremendously expensive model. Internally it was basically a 8210.

Today it is considered a collection team though few still operating as it is almost impossible to repair.

7:Nokia 3310


The Nokia 3310 was launched in 2000 with a view to replacing the familiar 3210 (especially in some European countries where it was sold like hotcakes), but was it 3310 that burst in sales for Nokia becoming the best selling phone of the year: 126 million units , in fact it is one of the most successful models ever made.

Unlike other models and present the design of mobile brand, particularly in 1999, 3310 was large and heavy trend. That made it affordable and accessible.

Still took care to charge Nokia software with unusual features for the time: all applications utilitarian as a calculator, an inspector network, timer and do list. Also included four games including Snake II. But what made ??legendary to 3310 was that in some Latin American countries was the first that allowed Nokia to send SMS and other European countries where the SMS was already extremely popular, had the ability to send messages of 459 characters.

Variants 3330 and 3350 although they added WAP capabilities using CDS as a method of data transmission and no GPRS so it was a little-used feature.

8:Nokia 1100


The Nokia 1100 has the title of being the best selling mobile history, about 153 million units. Its low price, robust construction, minimum size, simplicity and thinness were key to its massive popularity.

Although this particular model is no longer manufactured is still widely used in the park and existing worldwide mobile devices. He began to be manufactured in 2003 and ended production in 2007 being replaced by similar models a bit more advanced.

9:Nokia 6600/6620


Colloquially known as “slipper”, “shoe”, “pie”, the “shoe phone”, the¬†Nokia 6600¬†(6620 in North America) at its launch in mid-2003 was the most advanced phone of the brand and probably the time.¬†It was all a smartphone with a system (for the time) very advanced:¬†Symbian Series 60¬†.¬†It had a VGA camera, extra wide keys, a screen¬†immense¬†for the time, possibility of extending the external memory card, you could install applications and even watch videos.

It was the most sold Nokia Mobile in 2003. Its durability is responsible is still used in various parts of the world.

10:Nokia N70


Launched in 2005, the Nokia N70 was for many the first device you were connected to a 3G network. It was relatively inexpensive, durable, had a 2-megapixel camera and front camera. Running on Symbian S60 (8.1a) will be able to install applications. In countries like Spain was especially popular because you could get for free or nearly free carriers trying to popularize the use of 3G.

ARM processor was a Texas Instruments OMAP 1710 and the battery lasted a very little, especially in perpetual 3G connections.


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