10 Apps you Should must Install on your New Android Device

android-1Make a list of the best apps for an operating system is very difficult because (in addition to the personal tastes of each) there are a lot of quality options . In this article we are going to stop in applications that any user with a new Android handset to prove, this is our list of “must haves“.

1:Keyboard: Swiftkey


The “openness” of Android allows enjoying can configure almost every conceivable aspect. Keyboard is the case, being able to choose from a wide variety. Personally (and I think many users coincidiré), Swiftkey is the best choice : running, training, design, ability to sync between multiple devices, etc..make it the first thing I install on each device (tablet or smartphone). If you are interested, take advantage of that is “Christmas offer”.

2:Twitter: Falcon Pro


Other “race” where we can find a lot of competition. After trying many alternatives, I always end up coming back to Falcon Pro, as its performance and design make you enjoy all the necessary actions in a fluid way. As we explained earlier this year, it is necessary to make a small “hack” (very easy) to install due to new Twitter API.

3:Photo: Cam VSCO


Earlier this month we celebrated the Android arrival of one of the most recognized in iOS applications:VSCO Cam . In this way, we can enjoy the prestigious filters of the company in our smartphone. Lower it is free and comes with a series of filters already installed, although there is a store in which to buy new packs.

4:Files: ES File Explorer


Many insurance thanking users the possibility to dive through folders of your device, allowing easily move files from one place to another. As you can imagine, the possibilities are almost endless and depend on the use of each, but ES File Explorer allows you to: copy, cut, compress, uncompress, install, etc.. with a pair of gestures.

5:RSS: Feedly


Flipboard and Press would be a tough competition with this application, which feature a sleek design.After the death of Google Reader, Feedly emerged as worthy successor and most users just migrating to this platform. I think it is essential for the fluidity with which it moves (included with mobile data) and the number of options offered to share with other applications and services.

6:Launcher: Aviate


One of the key changes is to install an Android launcher , completely changing experience and design of our device. Nova Launcher is undoubtedly one of the best options. But for those who want to try something different and attractive interface, Aviate comes a launcher that by the location and time of day , allows us to choose the applications that interest us at all times. Actalmente is in private Beta, and installing the application you can entering the waiting list.

7:Calendar: DigiCal


For many the Google official schedule will suffice, but DigiCal best shows we have appointments in calendars. Where is most noticeable in the “month view”, allowing a quick glance to know how many and what kind of commitment we have in the coming days. There is a free version with advertising, which can be removed by paying the € 3.49 / $ 4.95 for the paid version .

8:Podcasts: Pocket Casts


This application presents a design and excellent performance. Personally, I think it is the best option to enjoy podcasts on Android. One of the features that are appreciated most is that you can synchronize with other devices : episodes can continue where you left on your tablet or smartphone. There are many options that can be configured: notification of new episodes, self-discharge, and lists.

9:Video: BSPlayer


Such applications will make more sense in tablets, but can be very useful for playing videos on smartphones when necessary. Support almost all imaginable files and the function to be gratefulsearch subtitle file you want. Again, there is a free version with ads, which can be removed with the full version (4.95 € / $ 6.75).

10:Widget: DashClock


The widgets allow details of the applications without entering them. One of the most comprehensive is DashClock, which you can download hundreds of associated plugins: see battery, tweets, weather, calendar as Star Trek, etc.. It is very useful when used combined with the lock screen or Daydream , the screen saver operating system, allowing knowledge many data without having to make any movement.

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