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Sony Xperia Tablet Z – The World’s Most Lightweight Tablet

Sony Xperia Tablet Z has officially launched.¬†Product is equipped with 10.1-inch screen, runs on Android 4.1 and provides the typical design features of the Xperia line.It’s also world’s most¬†lightweight¬†tablet at 495 grams.

“The King of Fighters Android” Now Available for … Android!

¬†if you have any Android device and you are fans of the series¬†‘¬†KOF¬†‘¬†, you are in luck, because¬†SNK¬†Playmore has just published¬†‘The King of Fighters Android’¬†(developed by G-Gee) for the Operating System Google. ¬†Relatively speaking, this is the closest we will have a¬†‘The King of Fighters¬†XIII¬†‘¬†for mobile, at an attractive price of entry:¬†5 euro¬†.¬†We will need […]

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Sony Releases Ice Cream Sandwich (Beta) for Several Xperia Models

On the subject of¬†official Android updates¬†we have on one hand to manufacturers who forget this issue and others who do an excellent job.¬†These unfortunately are few, although it is true that they have been increasing in number, so it’s always good to recognize their effort to keep its users up to date. A good example […]

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Sony is Preparing a Mobile Operating System

Japanese company Sony may equip its smartphone operating system of its own design.¬†According to experts, testing the new OS is already underway on the game console PlayStation Vita. The source of gadget lovers excited rumors became director of ¬†Sony Computer Entertainment Yoshio Matsumoto.¬†Noting that, in fact, Vita OS written for a particular game console, he […]

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A Dozen of the Most Vulnerable Gadgets

A list of the most “dangerous” gadgets headed “Google Phone”.¬†The company¬†Bit9¬†, which is engaged in information security, has published a rating of the most vulnerable gadgets.¬†In the calculation of the researchers took the threat of safety and security of personal data of users and corporations. According to the staff Bit9, 56% of all devices based […]

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Unlimited Fun and Entertainment with two new Xperia Mini

The two “smaller” family members Xperia ‚ĄĘ, the Xperia ‚ĄĘ mini and Xperia ‚ĄĘ mini pro, offering endless hours of fun and entertainment.¬†Whether you want to like the brand new hot track you put on your phone, or share your holiday photos, you do not lose time, and the revamped “Facebook inside Xperia ‚ĄĘ” does […]

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XPERIA Smartphone From Sony Ericsson Will Upgrade Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Sony Ericsson is really doing well this year. All of his last phone Xperia – arc, neo, PLAY, mini and mini pro were terrific devices. All the latest smartphone XPERIA line based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, as we discovered, have a fairly good performance. Sony Ericsson recently announced that all phones will update this line […]

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