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Apple Introduced the AppleCare + for the iPad Warranty

While Apple at the press conference did not specifically mention the AppleCare + , the Apple official website, Apple updated the AppleCare page.It is pay warranty service upgrade to the AppleCare + for the iPad . 

Apple Wants to Improve Moisture Indicators in IOS Devices

It is known that Apple built into its IOS devices called “moisture indicators” in order to prove your repair potential water damage.¬†However, the previously used technique is not very reliable.¬†Most recently,¬†Apple has loosened the warranty¬†, since the indicators do not always give an indication of whether there has been indeed a massive water entry.¬†This allows […]

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iPhone 4 Once Again Catches Fire in Brazil

Imagine waking up at dawn with a short circuit to 15 inches from your face?¬†That’s what happened with the Brazilian Ayla Mota, who was startled by his¬†iPhone 4¬†burning and, luckily, wake up in time to manage¬†incident and¬†¬†to¬†prevent a greater tragedy to happen. Some days before we have reported an incident of ¬†“iPhone self-igniting on Australian […]

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