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Is it Really Necessary to Use an Antivirus?

Computer viruses have more than 40 years living among us and our computers.¬†These malicious programs that seek to access our data to harm, steal, or just bother, have remained unwavering threat in the world of computing, and become increasingly complex. Not only¬†viruses¬†are a threat.¬†The¬†malware¬†is any¬†software¬†that infiltrates malicious computers without our consent, and that can take […]

New Malware could Steal Data via the Headphone Jack

Atul Alex , an expert on Indian security, submitted to the discontent (International Conference on malware) a document rather interesting and disturbing at the same time. In fact, he discovered a new type of malware that is based on the hardware of mobile devices of last generation and causes the release of data.

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Apple Admits that the Devices are Susceptible to Viruses

According to an English phrase, “when there is an elephant in the room, the first thing you should do is to recommend to others the elephant.”¬†In other words, when something is beyond obvious, it is not the ignorant.Fortunately the Apple realized and, after the noise had been created due to the infection of hundreds of […]

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Six Most Polluted Places in Your Office?

The company producing detergents, conducted a study to identify places in the office, which are most dangerous to people. As a result, experts have named six of the most dirty surfaces.They conducted an examination on the content of the molecules of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in various locations. 

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The History of Linux [Infographic]

Although originally associated with geeks and hackers, Linux is able to quickly eliminate from the top of this “resin.” Although not yet as popular as the Windows, day by day more and more people choose to use as it offers unlimited possibilities, protection from viruses and malicious attacks and of course is completely free. Indeed, […]

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Afraid of Viruses? See Which is the Safest Browser

Research firm in the information security Accuvant LABS analyzed the three most used browsers, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer to see which ones do better against threats.¬†The company said it used “a methodology completely different and more extensive than that used by previous studies.” Scientists say that without doubt, Google Chrome is currently the safest […]

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Computer Viruses Infect Each Other and Create a Supermalware

Computer viruses infect each other and create a supermalware they are spread accidentally to several worms in the computers, creating ahybrid malware¬†that spreads rapidly.¬†Attack¬†bank accounts¬†and¬†private data. ¬†Bitdefender found an analysis of¬†40 000 copies of this type of¬†malware¬†, which has dubbed ”¬†Frankenmalware “¬†– in a study of 10 million infected files held in early January, representing […]

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