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Cydia: Use your Pendrive USB Devices as if they were with roqyUSB

With the jailbreak of iOS 6.1 ports we want to show a great tweak on Cydia that allows you to use your devices as if they were USB pens, storing in any file without the use of third-party apps.

CES 2013: 10 Gb Per Second, Afterburner for USB 3.0

At CES 2013, Ā an update to the USB 3.0 specification will double the speed of 5 to 10 Gb / s.According to plans, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group has announced that you do not need any new connectors, protocols and drivers.Ā Even though from a backward compatibility with previous USB 3.0 devices and hubs are mentioned, […]

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Apple Patented an Innovative System for Wireless Charging

Today we learn of a new patent from AppleĀ which shows that the company’s interest in developing wireless charging without the use of bases, but a charge in the ether within 1 meter of the energy source.

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World’s First Paper USB Drive

We have seen a number of different types, different shapes, different sizes and different designs of USB drive, but paper USB seems to be very rare for us. some people questioned is the paper made ??USB driveĀ available ?Ā Of course available.

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World’s Most Expensive USB With Diamonds

We have Discussed the Most ExpensiveĀ Smart PhonesĀ , Now we have Information aboutĀ World’s Most Expensive USB With Diamonds. Shawish products are diamond and precious stones.Ā  Shawish, Swiss jewelery company has introduced a USB super models fitted with diamonds and gemstones significant amount.Ā This product is shaped like a mushroom and drilling results named the Magic Mushroom.Ā The Shawish […]

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USB Today will Quickly Outdated by New Storage Technology

According to Dr. James M.Tour – the synthetic organic chemist at Rice University Houston, flash memory devices can be created with smaller size in the next few years however, then we will see a barrier to technology.Dr. Tour of his colleagues have developed a new processing chip, and believe that it could replace flash memory […]

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