Cyber attack on 24,000 Pentagon Files. 1

Cyber attack on 24,000 Pentagon Files.

Cyberattack on 24,000 Pentagon Files.A Pentagon official said some of the files of the Department of Defense 24 000 “lost” in March in a cyber attack on a military contractor. Infringement may be more damage in the U.S. Army seen.

In a speech on Thursday cyber strategy of the Pentagon, Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III did not reveal what kind of files were stolen or who took them.

The department has a vast system of networks – more than 15,000 networks and computing devices 7 million worldwide – for its military, intelligence and business operations.

“The department and the nation have vulnerabilities in cyberspace,” a report of Defense. “Our confidence in cyberspace is in stark contrast to the inadequacy of our cyber security. – The safety of the technologies we use every day”

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