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Consumer Reports Again Ranks Apple`s New iPad as Best Tablet

Hot - new iPadThe buddy Miguel Michan asked a few days ago while commenting on the exaggerations of some to measure the temperature of the new iPad, he asked himself why Consumer Reports did not say anything about it. Well said and done: the organization has given its verdict and it turns out for them to The new iPad is the best tablet on the market . Do not fall short with its reflections:

The high resolution of the display of the new iPad set a new mark in excellence, providing as much detail in rendering and better color accuracy than we have seen in a tablet.As a result, the new iPad is leading our new rankings.

Consumer Reports praises all the new features of the iPad, and believes that its temperature “is not a matter that should concern” to consumers . It also mentions the issue of iPad plugged in that does not load when running high-performance games ,

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