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What Will be the Tablets in the Next Year ?

Tablet PC, as well as smart phones, improved rapidly, and the model of the next year will be much more powerful now existing. How much change the plates, and in what direction they will grow? What are some interesting ideas are to realize the developers, and how it should be consumers? The Tablets  in 2012 in the […]

Apple Has not Been Able to Win the Right to Brand the iPad in China

According to Reuters .. The court in southern China has rejected the claim of Apple for a local company, which,  violated the right of property of the corporation on a brand iPad. Apple confirmed the litigation but refused to comment further. Electronic giant Apple is one of the leaders in the industry of mobile gadgets has confirmed […]

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Apple “iPad 3” To Be iPad HD in Near Future ?

Richi Jennings reports that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is said to be preparing the iPad 3, except that it is named – the rumor is that it will be called iPhone HD, with its screen Retina. And yet it seems that the release date is this year. IT BlogWatch, bloggers squint at their screens suddenly unacceptably […]

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