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NASA simulates collision of two black holes – Video

Black holes are particularly complex celestial objects to understand because they push physics to its own limits. Scientists often have to extrapolate when they evoke these singularities. A video simulation by NASA shows us for the first time the collision of two supermassive black holes. Scientists who have never been able to observe the collision of two […]

Watson Supercomputer will Help in the Fight Against Cancer

Watson is a supercomputer from IBM that is quite popular due to their participation in the contest Jeopardy!, a set of questions and answers in which he confronted the two champions of the competition. After his trip TV, Big Blue to an end Watson devoted much more important and, above all, far more noble since it has signed a collaboration agreement […]

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IBM Announces the Biggest Breakthrough to Date in Scalable Quantum Computers

What we see on these pictures is the latest development in terms of quantum computation by the team of IBM Research . The company’s scientists announce such a big step that could mean that in a space of 10 years both companies and households to implement the technology . The response to this announcement gives us the qubits . A qubit is the quantum system […]

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Final Fantasy XIII-2:Some Mysterious Facts [Trailer]

 Final Fantasy XIII-2 . In this issue you will find a lot of Mysterious Facts  about the game like role-playing game system , time travel and see new screen shots provided by Square Enix. Mystery of Time Divergent paths. In many places there are puzzles in multiple time gates leading to the different periods of history. In the vicinity of the […]

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