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Carrier IQ Responds to Allegations

The Company¬†Carrier IQ, ¬†that develops software for smartphones eponymous¬†currently¬†in the spotlight for alleged violations of privacy, ¬†rejects the allegations and took to the field to defend their position.¬†A defense that focuses on a fundamental point: The application did so in order to capture some information about the device, but only in order to allow carriers […]

Do You Need a “Spy” for Your iPhone?

There are times when you do not trust even those who live with you in the same house.Especially for those who fear that a curious neighbor climb into their iPhone, while he is in charge, came up with “espionage” docking station with a hidden camera. Docking station iCharge outwardly no different from many similar, except […]

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Siri Becomes Spy:It Can Leak out Your Information

Tool support voice called¬†Siri¬†is a very interesting new features on the¬†iPhone 4S¬†.¬†Users can interact directly with the phone and perform everyday tasks such as calling, messaging, answering e-mail, set an alarm via voice ….¬†However, her lovely Siri is back in themselves a potential risk of security vulnerabilities if the user does not care to use.¬†Page¬†CNET¬†recently […]

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