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The Secret Inside the Skull of the 19th Century Mummy

The mummy has been anatomist Giovan Battista Rini (1795-1856) preserved by “petrified” by bathing the mummies in a mixture of mercury and other heavy metals. The head and torso from the 1800 mummies in the different states are preparing CT scanned at a hospital near Salo, Italy. The beginning of a bizarre 19th-century woman with […]

Bones of Alien with Strangely Shaped Head Found in Peru!

Could it be the U.S. government was wrong, that a few days earlier, had argued with an official announcement that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life on our planet. Since it seems may finally be the answer is yes… and this because of a mummy discovered in Peru, whose head was abnormally large.  This discovery […]

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