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5 ways to test yourself for cancer

How to notice the signs of the disease and test yourself for cancer with the help of mirrors and scales. Oncological diseases (after cardiovascular) – the second Crayfish. Key facts of the leading causes of death in the world. Many cases of cancer are well treated if you notice them in the early stages. For this you need not so much. […]

Sunscreen Can Cause Skin Cancer

Two American doctors have come to the conclusion that the zinc oxide, which is included in most sunscreens may contribute to skin cancer. Professor Ma Yanfa (Yinfa Ma) and post-graduate Kvingbo Young (Qingbo Yang) analyzed the effects of zinc oxide (ZnO) on the cells of the human body.

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Fingernails Tell About Health Problems

Experts of American Academy of Dermatology believe ,sometimes just look at the hand of man to suggest the diagnosis. For nails, scientists identify possible signs of anemia, lung problems, the presence of fungi. If your nails are yellow also exfoliate, it could be the beginning of fungal infection. Also, do not encounter problems with the liver, lymphatic system […]

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