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The Most Ridiculous Shoes of the World

What could surprise the modern fashionistas? A new color or shape of the shoe heel? I doubt it. And if the shoe is made of wood or animal hooves? Virtual Museum of shoes collected the most original models of shoes that were ever produced in the world but not possible to wear them in public . Wonder what there […]

Bones of Alien with Strangely Shaped Head Found in Peru!

Could it be the U.S. government was wrong, that a few days earlier, had argued with an official announcement that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life on our planet. Since it seems may finally be the answer is yes… and this because of a mummy discovered in Peru, whose head was abnormally large.  This discovery […]

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Petman: An Anthropomorphic Robot for War, Moves Dynamically

Futuristic Robots turn to more practical developments. A few days ago, Boston Dynamics, makers of the notorious Big Dog (See Video at end of Post), posted a video on another network their project – Petman. Before, it was already written, but then the design was very crude, and that shows now is truly amazing.

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“Blackberry Bold 9980” In New Revolutionary Shape

A few months ago we have been aware of a phone of BlackBerry designs square design by Porsche Design, called Bold 9980 (R47) and now RIM has officially confirmed the existence of a machine like this . Specifically, RIM will be holding a VIP event in Dubai Bold 9980 can be oriented to the Middle East market wealth to introduce their products […]

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“Gel Batteries” are The Best for Users of Gadgets

Although it would be more functional devices, despite not having to carry almost every day. Researchers at the University of Leeds have developed a “Gel Battery”. More smaller, cheaper, safer and more efficient than current technologies. We saw a lot of ideas on how to make cell phone or a computer to work longer without […]

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An Innovative Ergonomic Friendly “Mouse Shape” Iron

This concept is made in a minimalist and ergonomic design, based on a computer manipulator.Transparent hinge also acts as a reservoir for water. Management functions of iron occurs via the touch screen.

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