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WOW! First Air Bag for Pedestrians

The Volvo traditionally innovative safety systems introduced the V40, a model that has the first airbag for … pedestrians.¬†The V40 was presented at the recent motor show held in Geneva and has two new security systems consist of cameras and sensors.¬† The patron-air pedestrian¬†The system continuously monitors the road, detects pedestrians that are on the […]

First Impressions of Leading Technology Blogs About iPad 3

It’s about living in the U.S., when Apple introduces a new gadget you can put their paws up before anyone else.¬†So as expected, minutes after the presentation of the¬†new iPad Retina display¬†some of the leading technology blogs in the country have rushed to publish his¬†first impressions¬†after spending a few minutes fiddling with the coveted third-generation […]

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Use Butterfly Wings as a Thermal Imaging Camera

The wings of the Morpho sulkowskyi , a butterfly occurring in South America, are more transparent. Viewed from a certain angle, it iridescent in the dark.Responsible for this are nanosized, fir tree-shaped structures of the wing.These sheds can also make visible heat, U.S. researchers have found.

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Scientists Created Robot that can “Sniff Out” Cocaine Like Dogs

A group of scientists from the UK, headed by Professor Tong Sun (Tong Sun) from London’s City University, is currently working on a robot that can “sniff out” cocaine, as do dogs.¬†The difference is that robots do not get tired and make fewer mistakes than their living prototypes, reports The Register. A group of researchers […]

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Flying Robots will Build 6 Meter Tower

A 6-meter tower will be constructed in a report in Orleans, France.¬†The title of the exhibition is “Flight Assembled Architecture” (or fly-assembled architecture) and essentially the¬†autonomous¬†construction of the tower.¬†This is because the tower will be built from … Flying Robot! The design of these flying machines made by Italian designer Raffaello D’Andrea and organization of […]

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HTC Has Developed a New Tablet “HTC Quattro” on a Quad Processor

HTC has developed a new tablet HTC Quattro on a quad processor.¬†This 10.1-inch tablet on Android touchscreen display has a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and is equipped with AP30 Tegra chipset 3 from Nvidia, as well as smartphone¬†HTC Edge¬†. As reported, Quattro is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal […]

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