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ICQ For Bada and Now For all the Mobile Platforms

Released the first version of ICQ for smartphones Samsung bada . With the release of this application available to users of ICQ became all popular mobile platforms. Owners of smart phones based on Samsung bada had the opportunity to chat with friends from ICQ, Mail.Ru Agent and AIM. The application also allows you to search […]

Amazon Kindle Fire Can be Most Popular Tablet of 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire almost instantly become the most popular tablet on Android thanks to affordable price, experts predict that next year will be sold 12 million tablets Kindle Fire and company Amazon will control about 15 % market share of “tablet”. The high popularity of tablet Amazon Kindle Fire, available for sale on November 15, not only allowed Internet companies to […]

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Samsung MV800 – The First Compact Digital Camera with 180 Degree Swivel Screen

This morning in the city, Samsung Electronics has introduced a new compact digital camera called his MV800 Multi-View. The camera point-and-shoot with a unique 180-degree swivel screen and very compact design.Aimed at young users is personality, likes the convenience and unique,

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