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The Last Story – A Wonderful Game for the Nintendo Wii

His new creation, a stunning Japanese role-playing game for Nintendo’s console was presented by Hironobu Sakaguchi known for his highly successful series Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: A Quick Preview

Our experience is almost finished version of the Japanese role-playing game about the world of magic and technology, entertainment full of battles and bizarre characters. Have you tried one day to present the content of your friends is simple, but spectacular action movie with a bunch of shootings and explosions? If so, the story was clearly […]

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Final Fantasy XIII-2:Some Mysterious Facts [Trailer]

 Final Fantasy XIII-2 . In this issue you will find a lot of Mysterious Facts  about the game like role-playing game system , time travel and see new screen shots provided by Square Enix. Mystery of Time Divergent paths. In many places there are puzzles in multiple time gates leading to the different periods of history. In the vicinity of the […]

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