Turn your iPhone into a Robot with Romo


Smartphone is always the workhorse helps us perform tasks in life easier. However, this device is still a big gap to be able to completely replace human a certain work any because it can not be thinking. Will smartphones can improve the deficiencies mentioned above or not?

This is the question inspired group Romotive to include two young scientists Peter Seid and Phu Nguyen goes to plan research on Romo, a robot with the ability to think on the brain is a smart phone . 

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Roboy, the Most Advanced Humanoid Robot in the World

ROBOY - Humanoid Robot

Robotics continues to make great strides and with it the hope from man to build mechanical copies of itself. The latest comes from Switzerland, notably from the University of Zurich at the AI Lab was in fact built Roboy , one of the world’s most advanced humanoid robot. Roboy finally see the light since the early months of 2013, with a presentation during the event “Robots on Tour” to illustrate the quality of the project coordinated by Professor Rolf Pfeifer.

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NASA : John Grunsfeld Brief Media Regarding “New Mars Program”

New Mars Mission for 2020

Today, we Inform you that Curiosity, Mars Rover Analyzed First Soil Sample and tell you the Story.

Now ? It Looks that NASA Close this Project with aftyer above Findings, Because

NASA’s associate administrator for science, cosmonaut John Grunsfeld, on Current Day proclaimed plans for a Newly Designed Multi-Years Mars program, together with a brand new robotic science rover to launch in 2020.

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“Pinokio” A Lamp That Interacts with Humans

pinokio-lamp-roboticsA robotics specialist Australian students – Adam Ben-Dror, Shanshan Zhou and Joss Doggett – have created Pinokio , an interactive desk lamp that moves and reacts in the presence of humans. His appearance and movement reminiscent of the Pixar lamp , and although Pinokio still can not jump, this building seems to have totally genuine emotions. This cute lamp is part of the projects of the Victoria University of Wellington.

The lamp is aware of its surroundings and the people around it,Pinokio is equipped with a webcam,

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World’s First Robotic Arm Controlled by Thoughts

thought_controlledResearchers based at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed the world’s first artificial limbs controlled by thought.The idea of Robotic arms controlled by thoughts , was Derived from the sci-fi movie that could soon become reality. Perhaps sooner you can imagine: The news comes from Sweden of the development of a prototype digital arm implantable in a human being with the ability to monitor their movements directly with the thought. The study by the researcher Ortiz Catalan, Chalmers University of Technology.

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Robotic Wheelchair Climbs Stairs 2

Robotic Wheelchair Climbs Stairs

Robotic Wheelchair Climbs Stairs 3

Significant achievement by scientists in Japan

A new wheelchair built by the Institute of Technology, Chiba, Japan, has the potential to be used on uneven trails and narrow spaces with great ease. The wheelchair uses sensors to detect obstacles and changes in the slope of the ground so that it automatically adjusts its wheels .All you need to do is you set the direction to follow and the robotic system will do the rest. 

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