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Official Twitter Client with Support for Retina Displays, Although not Officially

I will not go on arguing about the attitude of the heads of Twitter which is the popular social network, so that our fellow¬†Engadget¬†give us all the information.¬†As the¬†changes to third-party clients¬†, etc.¬†But I would like, for all we use the¬†official client¬†for Mac, show my displeasure.¬†And it had to be through third party Twitter for […]

Download PSD Templates of Different Versions of iOS, iPhone, iPad, etc

Whether to illustrate your blog, presentations or simply any use whatsoever ye do find it interesting that you can download different templates in. PSD of iPhone , iPad and iOS elements in different versions.

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Snapz Pro X, A new Version 2.5.0 with Support for Retina Display

Snapz Pro X¬†, one of the most used applications for screencast, updated to version 2.5.0 with major developments.¬†The principal, for new Mac users with retina display, is support for the high resolution of these screens. The application as developers say has not been fattened with “strange” features but has been rethought to deliver what users […]

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Problems in the Retina Display of the New MacBook Pro?

It seems that many users will end with that reason that the first generation of any new Apple product is not good.¬†Some users are reporting on Apple forums,¬†problems with new retina displays that incorporate the recent MacBook Pro The problem is¬†the emergence of a “ghost” image, an error that displays an image that does not […]

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Apple MacBook Pro With Retina Display From This Octobor

Last Monday, Apple¬†‘s MacBook Pro donated a performance update.¬†At the same time, the manufacturer of Cupertino has the¬†“New Generation” MacBook Pro with retinal display¬†presented with a screen size of 15 “.¬†After iPhone, iPad, and 15 “MacBook Pro is only a matter of time before Apple will buy the retina display and other devices.¬†Sooner or later […]

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A Table of 100 iPad with Retina Display

With the iPad is responsible for a large part of Apple’s revenue would be surprising if the company has not made ??use for the decoration of the Worldwide Developers Conference.¬†Who could also leave out the speech in general or from space, the new iPad screen Retina;¬†

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Pixel Qi : A Better Display of the Retina

Pixel Qi¬†, known Silicon Valley company engaged in the development of¬†LCD¬†innovative mobile devices, is working on a new type of screen last generation able to meet and exceed the¬†quality of the Retina display of the new iPad¬†.¬†Low cost and low power consumption, in fact, are not sufficient: Apple has imposed a paradigm of quality and […]

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Lets Talk About 6 Retina Screen Rival

Users may be interested in a smartphone with sleek, battery life, “buffaloes” or support more compelling applications, but nothing more wonderful when it possesses a display amazingly sharp.¬†Mobile technology today has a lot of groundbreaking effort to give us a touch screen with rich colors, deep tones and sharp images.¬†There is no exaggeration to say […]

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