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Kindle Fire Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Some users have complained of a¬†problem with the Wi-Fi capabilities¬†of the new tablet developed and distributed by¬†Amazon¬†, the¬†Kindle Fire¬†.¬†In the forum there is a long list of dealer responses in the discussion “Kindle Fire can not connect to the Internet.”¬†Some argue that users can not connect to Wi-Fi networks, while others are able to connect […]

Cunning Move of Microsoft Enhance the Popularity of Kinect

Microsoft¬†came up with a cunning move to¬†incorporate Kinect directly to TVs that will further enhance the¬†popularity of¬†Kinect¬†.¬†Edition of The Daily¬†reports¬†that the company plans to embed the sensor directly into the TV.¬†Negotiations in this regard are already underway with¬†Sony¬†and¬†Vizio¬†. Built Kinect will refuse to buy an Xbox 360,a computer connected to the TV ,¬†with¬†the appropriate version […]

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Largest Apple Store in the World [Presentation Scheduled]

Presentation scheduled for today at the Apple Store Grand Central Station in New York.¬†The opening will take place Friday, during Black Friday. Apple Store The largest ever made ??to date will be presented the following day, with the grand opening scheduled for Friday.¬†It’s the Apple Store at¬†Grand Central Station¬†in New York, one of the most […]

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