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Ten Types of Radiation we Receive Daily – Part 2

      Ten Types of Radiation we Receive Daily – Part 1 Scientists estimate that about 80% of the┬áradiation to which we are exposed comes from natural sources.But the most common sources of radiation are not the greatest concern to most of us.┬áWe are concerned over the impact of medical examinations, X-rays or radiation, […]

Ten Types of Radiation we Receive Daily – Part 1

Radioactivity is the term used to describe the disintegration of atoms. The atom may be characterized by the number of protons in the nucleus. Some natural elements are unstable, therefore, their nuclei disintegrate or decompose, releasing energy in form of radiation.

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Radioactive Fish in Japan Rivers

A mountain trout from a watercourse within the same Japanese prefecture because the Fukishima nuclear disaster contained 114 times additional radioactive Cs than government limits permit, in step with Kyodo. The setting Ministry surveyed unremarkably ingested fish and their Cs levels for the second time since the disaster in March 2011. It found a catfish […]

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