Velvet:Trend of the New S eason [2011-2012]

Velvet:Trend of the New Season [2011-2012]

 Velvet:Trend of the New S eason [2011-2012]Velvet has always been associated with luxury, ancient and persons of royal blood. But if before it was sewn from extremely heavy and very festive outfits, now wear velvet in different way and fascinate everyone .Velvet  one of the few materials, which in itself makes things magical and unusual. In the new season, designers decided to move the drop of this magic in our week-days, having done not only in velvet dresses, jackets and trousers, skirts, shoes, bags – well, anything. And all this can be worn in the evening and daytime. Velvet no longer looks bulky. And in combination with aerial tissues and does seem very light and pliable.

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