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Android Losing Popularity Among Users

According to the results of recent research agency Nielsen, in the U.S. in the last quarter of 2011, an increasing proportion of smart phones and tablets sold by Apple, but Android-devaysov share has been steadily declining. C in October to December the share sold iOS-devices has grown in the total number of smartphones sold from […]

Rihanna has Reached the Level of Popularity of Michael Jackson

The last album was setting new records in the UK.Charming and young singer Rihanna has once again become famous for their creativity.¬†She became the first singer who managed to double over the last year to head the main chart singles and albums in Britain.Earlier this year, Rihanna managed to lead the main British charts with […]

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Cunning Move of Microsoft Enhance the Popularity of Kinect

Microsoft¬†came up with a cunning move to¬†incorporate Kinect directly to TVs that will further enhance the¬†popularity of¬†Kinect¬†.¬†Edition of The Daily¬†reports¬†that the company plans to embed the sensor directly into the TV.¬†Negotiations in this regard are already underway with¬†Sony¬†and¬†Vizio¬†. Built Kinect will refuse to buy an Xbox 360,a computer connected to the TV ,¬†with¬†the appropriate version […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire Can be Most Popular Tablet of 2012

Amazon¬†Kindle Fire¬†almost instantly become the most popular tablet on Android thanks to affordable price, experts predict that next year¬†will be sold 12 million tablets Kindle Fire and company¬†Amazon¬†will control about 15¬†% market share of “tablet”. The high popularity of tablet Amazon Kindle Fire, available for sale on November 15, not only allowed Internet companies to […]

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iPhone beats Nokia

Morgan Stanley research agency reported that, according to the results of his survey, one third of people in China are going to buy¬†iPhone¬†.¬†It should be noted that, so far conducted surveys showing that residents of China’s preferred¬†Nokia phones¬†. Researchers interviewed 2050 urban residents, a third of them expressed an intention to acquire an iPhone as […]

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“Simulator FIFA 12” Left Behind “Pro Evolution Soccer 12”

FIFA 12¬†won a landslide victory in the battle of the new football simulation.¬†At least, so¬†says¬†Electronic Arts.According to the publishers in the UK, where the football game is always in high demand, “Simulator FIFA 12” Left Behind “Pro Evolution Soccer 12” in terms of popularity.Simulator FIFA 12 has become 25 times more popular¬†then Pro Evolution Soccer […]

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First Time in the History Tablet Bypassed Netbooks by Sales

According to published data by ABI Research, for the first time in the history of tablet netbooks bypassed by sales. The agency noted that from April to June 2011 was sold to 13.6 million tablets and 7.3 million compact laptops, while in the I quarter the figures were 6.4 million and 8.4 million Leading role […]

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New Apple Product “iPad 3” Goes into Production

Fans of Apple products a good news for you. When¬†iPhone 4S went on sale¬†, the press began to receive rumors about the next generation tablet of “Apple” Corporation ¬†iPad 3. According to Susquehanna Financial Analyst Jeff Fidakaro (Jeff Fidacaro), iPad 3 went into production.¬†According to him, in the 4th quarter of 2011 planned production of […]

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Will iPhone 5 Succeed to Eliminate ” The Generation Gap” ?

Will upcoming iPhone 5 be equally popular  in  both elders and youngsters ? Acting president of HTC America Martin Fichter says that the iPhone is losing its appeal in the younger generation of smartphone users. When young people see their parents and older people using the popular smartphone, the phone becomes less hip .He says,

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