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Rumor:Upcoming iPad 3 Will be Transparent and Rimless (Video)

Hold your breath¬†, although there are different kind of rumors are flying thick¬†and fast¬†for Apple‘s next generation tablet iPad¬†3 ¬†all over the Internet but the ¬†recent rumor is very exiting and that is ¬†iPad¬†3 will be transparent and rimless . Apple iPad is¬†world’s bestselling tablet and now¬†iPad¬†3 has left many people wondering how the next […]

After Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Once Again Dealing With Ghosts

Although Daniel¬†Radcliffe is once again in old clothing and dealing with ghosts and unexplained things which are all around him ¬†But certainly he is not Mr. Potter any more. ¬†“The Woman In Black,” ¬†is the upcoming movie of¬†Daniel Radcliffe. It is the first movie which ¬†he shot after filming the final part of the “Harry […]

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Arnold Broke his Forehead on the Set of “The Final Frontier”

Hollywood actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger broke his forehead during the filming of “The Final Frontier”(Last Stand) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, wrote in a Friday newspaper New York Post. Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote in his microblog¬†“Got a little bruised today.¬†Thanks to medical personnel, whose actions are allowed an hour to go back to […]

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Most Beautiful Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup

It is no secret that the stars spend a lot of time and money to create a glamorous image,for this makeup plays a big role and how they look like without this secret weapon?¬†Star makeup really work wonders.¬†Perhaps that is why some celebrities in there normal life¬†aggressively want to hide from cameras which are ¬†seeking […]

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Blue Stack Player: Enjoy Android Apps on Windows

In May the company was looking to run Bluestack alpha testers for their players, with the Android apps on Windows.¬†Now the player has been released. The App-stacks of blue player plays Android applications in full screen mode on Windows.Ten apps are installed and run “out of the box“, others can be transferred to the computer […]

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