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Samsung has Filled Eight New Patents Against Apple

Although a few hours ago the¬†news¬†that Apple and Samsung have agreed to meet to discuss a possible agreement in order to write the word at the bottom of what is one of the biggest legal battles in the history of technology, the story is reignites thanks to a new attack by one of the two […]

Motion Controlled iPhone Interface in 3D

  Apple has applied for a patent in the U.S., which describes an innovative control system, when the user moves with bare movements of iPhones through a 3D environment.

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Google has Acquired 217 Patents from IBM

Google’s agreement with Motorola,¬†brought several patents in the portfolio of the search giant but the company now has acquired even 217 from IBM.¬†Although Google’s new acquisitions will further protect itself and its partners from complaints related to violation of intellectual property among them.It could help the company to develop even more services. Manage e-mail, electronic […]

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Apple has Proposed Some Possible Changes to Samsung Smartphones

Apple has proposed some possible changes to Samsung smartphones and tablets to be made in order not to infringe the patents of Cupertino. The legal battle between Apple and Samsung continues unabated, with constant exchanges of accusations from both sides and attempts to block the advance of competing devices.¬†In the last hours showed, however, a […]

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Samsung’s New Front Against iPhone

The South Korean electronics giant¬†Samsung¬†, in his legal battle with¬†Apple¬†on another site and wants to take action in France and Italy against the sale of the new iPhone 4S.¬†The company said Wednesday in Seoul.¬†The South Koreans have accused Apple of violating the iPhone on Tuesday introduced new model at least two patents for mobile technology, […]

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Android vs. Apple:A War Over Patents.

The Taiwanese company HTC continues to war with Apple over patents. The company again filed a lawsuit against Apple on the basis of patents, which she bought by Google last week. A complaint filed with the Commission on International Trade in the U.S., and it is reported that the mobile device violates patents, which are […]

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Velocity Micro Latest to Give Android licensing fees to Microsoft

A company using Android has agreed to give patent licensing fees to Microsoft, because the IP shakedown continues. Velocity Micro follows General Dynamics Itronix in settling up with Microsoft to be used of unspecified mobile patents regarding its current and future Cruz Android tablets, like the 3 models revealed at CES back in January. The […]

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