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Yahoo!, Microsoft and AOL Combine Online Advertising Against Google

Groups, Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft have announced that They¬†have¬†forged an alliance advertising channels online to¬†counter¬†the rise of Google and Facebook in this sector.¬†The agreement will allow advertising agencies to¬†buy¬†inserts illustrated, or banners on websites of Yahoo!, AOL or Bing, the search engine from Microsoft, that they have not been sold directly by sites themselves. The […]

Free Xbox 360 for new customers of Nokia

Nokia has decided to seriously take up the promotion of its first Windows Phone smartphones , including Lumia 800. Any subscriber of the British operator Orange, acquired its first WP7-smartphone Nokia, get a brand new Xbox 360 absolutely Free. The action will take place from November 16 (date of start of sales of Nokia Lumia 800 in England).

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Mozilla Firefox with Bing [Free Download]

Its name is always¬†Firefox¬†, its logo is always the one depicting a red panda and the company takes care of the development is always the Mozilla Foundation.¬†The only difference is in the name of an appendix that highlights the main change:¬†Firefox with Bing¬†is the new project was born from the collaboration between Mozilla and Microsoft […]

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Sony Wants Independence Back and Offer Their Own Smartphones

In 2001, the mobile specialist Ericsson, and the entertainment giant Sony in a 50-50 joint venture under the name Sony Ericsson joined forces.Now Sony wants to buy insider reportedly free from the partnership. As the Wall Street Journal reported the reason for Sony to want to have more control over the smartphone

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Hulu Plus Comes to Vizio Android Tablet

Hulu Plus Now comes to Vizio¬†Android Tablet.Vizio have revealed that they are the primary Android Tablet to hold an ‚Äėapp‚Äô from Hulu and, the primary time that the Google owned device company have gone into partnership with the net video large.

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Google Decides To Wipe Out Two Formidable Projects.

Google decides to wipe out a pair of of its most formidable comes, Google Health and Google PowerMeter, as a results of they failed to get enough traction. These were really formidable projects: the goal was to remake healthcare delivery, and energy distribution respectively, for internet age. There’s definitely a lot of potential of the […]

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