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“Angry Birds Space” What will be New in the Game? [Video]

Rovio, the Helsinki-based company responsible for the smash hit Angry Birds and its variations, had talked about¬†Angry Birds Space¬†last month.¬†But at that time was just a teaser without any data about the game, and now the company has introduced the game all the way from the international space station.¬†In the video you have just above […]

New Call of Duty: The Game Looks Fantastic

Activision¬†has confirmed¬†that work on the next part of the Call of Duty is in full swing.¬†Publishers did not disclose details, but said that the game looks fantastic.¬†Additionally, Activision has promised that this year’s Call of Duty fans will get a truly new game under the famous brand, which will allow TV series make a qualitative […]

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Resident Evil 6 Will be Able to Offer Co-op Multiplayer -Trailer

Capcom has announced yet another game Resident Evil, scheduled for 2012 (in the company to Revelations and Operation Raccoon City).¬†The new game, which received modest title Resident Evil 6 to be released in November 2012. To say that Capcom announcement surprised everyone the same way as, for example, the November announcement of GTA V, it […]

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Run Roo Run:To Find the Cute Joey Please Join Roo!

¬†Run¬†Roo Run¬†is a new game that was released a few days before the App Store and the adventure of a mother kangaroo in Australia to search for the captured Joey. During the adventure you will discover new features like double jump, ridable clouds, gravity-defying umbrellas, invisibility, tire swings roundtrips to overcome more than 20 chapters […]

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A Preview of “Warface”, an Upcoming Shooter

The company¬†Crytek¬†needs no introduction: For 12 years they make the most beautiful person shooters for PC.¬†Far Cry¬†and¬†¬†Crysis¬†¬†– have heard these names, each is interested in¬†computer and video games.¬†About a year ago,¬†Crytek¬†made a surprising announcement: they are developing a new game engine, CryEngine 3.¬†The project is called¬†Warface¬†, is an online first-person shooter for the PC, it […]

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has Got Three New Game Modes

¬†Yes, the¬†most successful military first-person shooter, and¬†most record game series in the history of¬†the gaming industry,¬†Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has Got Three New Game Modes. Developers of¬†Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3¬†took up their promises they¬†introduced just three new modes – Drop Zone, Hardcore Ricochet, and Hardcore HQ Ricochet, but also made some changes […]

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Microsoft is Preparing Two Versions of the New Game Console

Microsoft is preparing two versions of the new game console.¬†A major European retailer outlined plans for Microsoft to release a new version of the popular consoles ¬†Xbox 720¬†. On insider information, the next gene ration Xbox will be presented in two versions.¬†The first version will have a very advanced technical features and be designed for […]

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Review: Might & Magic: Heroes VI

Continuation of the famous turn-based strategy with a variety of role-playing elements, simplified strategic component and a fascinating storyline Step by step fantasy strategy have always been difficult, if not “hardcore” games and now the plan is not in vogue.¬†Therefore, continuation of the once iconic exit strategies are not entirely in the form in which […]

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Nokia 603,Running Symbian Belle,1GHz CPU Officially Introduced

Today Nokia has officially introduced its new smartphone is Nokia 603 running Symbian Belle and equipped with NFC technology is similar to three other units Belle recently known as Nokia 600, 700 and 701.¬† Use Nokia 603 3.5 “screen against scratches, Display technology ClearBack like Nokia E7 good display quality even in the sun. HP […]

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Fall of Cybertron: New Transformers Game Coming

The¬†Transformers¬†franchise is not just the movies, the video game conversions are always very popular.¬†Now Game number 3 was announced. In “Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron” is the war between the Autobots and Decepticons fighting in the¬†centre, is the planet Cybertron.¬†The whole thing is, clearly darker than in the previous turn, with new features you would […]

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