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Should I Get a Apple iPhone 4s Or Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

On Yahoo Answers Folks ask the Question “Should I Get A iPhone 4s Or Samsung Galaxy S2”. I Think to  Provide a Detail Answer of this question t0 my visitors. Here is a Simple Comparison. The Samsung S2 Galaxy or S II is probably one of the biggest rivals the iPhone 4S

Google Tweet Release of HTML 5 Based Music App for iGadgets

Google Tweet Release of  HTML 5 Based Music App for iGadgets like iPhone and iPad. Application of the new website by Google that lets listen to music only, without providing the add and manage your music libraries. Despite all this, the new music of the Google application is being considered as one of the best web […]

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DeskSMS For iPhone Tweak Forwards SMS to Gmail & Google Chat

DeskSMS iPhone could be a change in Cydia SMS can automatically send text messages to your GMail and Google Chat. The plan is, if you are at your desk all the time, the iPhone is much of an intermediary to receive messages and filter through to the consumer desktop for your convenience. Not only does […]

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