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“Agent Vinod” Catch the Latest Very Beautiful Romantic Number

Here you can  catch the latest and very beautiful romantic number from Agent Vinod, titled “Raabta”. Well, if you want to know what is meant by  “Raabta”, It’s an Urdu word Which is meant by relate or connect. The song begins with Saif`s  dialogues for Kareena, “Tumahri aankhen kisi ka katl kar sakti hain..par tum kisi ka katl […]

iTunes Mastered:The new Section of the iTunes Store for Music Lovers

The Cupertino company inaugurates a new section on iTunes called ” iTunes Mastered “ .This new creation is to meet the need that Steve Jobs found a few months ago and I wanted to cover the reinvention of the music . The “Mastered for iTunes” will debut with blockbuster as Madonna, Paul McCartney, Kaori Muraji, U2, Bon Jovi or John Coltrane. This new […]

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Surprising Results of 39th American Music Awards!

The Results of 39th American Music Awards were very much surprising there was nothing as predict.In the category “Artist of the Year” vied show business stars such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry,Taylor Swift, Adele and Lee Ueynd. Critics predicted the victory of Adele, who won an award just for her album “21”, recognized as the best in […]

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Special Pizza for Music and Celebrities Lovers

Marking 40 years on the opening months pizza restaurant and jazz club in London, the restaurant decided PizzaExpress Jazz Club. To celebrate with his customers a very special way, He chose the most famous singers of the most successful albums and put them Katsian on the face of pizza cheese mozzarella, tomatoes and peppers, including pictures […]

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