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Powerful Ultrabuki:ASUS Updated its Line of Ultrathin Notebooks

ASUS has updated its line of ultrathin notebooks Zenbook two new models – UX31A UX21A on the platform and Intel Ivy Bridge.¬†As the name implies, ultrabuki are improved¬†versions of¬†ASUS Zenbook UX31 and UX21¬†. New items will be bright displays with a diagonal of 13,3 (UX31A) and 11,6 (UX21A) inches.¬†Optionally, they will have a matte finish […]

Philips Released a TV that Simultaneously Display two Different Pictures

Previously, the technology of simultaneous viewing of different programs offered by two spectators by Sony.¬†This company, as far as can be judged, first implemented this feature in their devices.¬†But it is clear that a good idea quickly adopted into service competitors. For example, Philips has already released a TV with a similar function.¬†Dual-view TVs are […]

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Sony Releases Ice Cream Sandwich (Beta) for Several Xperia Models

On the subject of¬†official Android updates¬†we have on one hand to manufacturers who forget this issue and others who do an excellent job.¬†These unfortunately are few, although it is true that they have been increasing in number, so it’s always good to recognize their effort to keep its users up to date. A good example […]

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LG “Attack” MWC 2012 with Three Optimus L Phones

L7 is the most advanced Optimus 4.3-inch screen and running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).¬†Other features will be revealed at MWC 2012. Meanwhile, the L5 is smaller than 4 inches and also uses Android 4.0.¬†LG products are advertised as property screen for easy reading.¬†Many people guess this model display ultra-high resolution, smooth images on the […]

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The Most Ridiculous Shoes of the World

What could surprise the modern fashionistas?¬†A new color or shape of the shoe heel?¬†I doubt it.¬†And if the shoe is made of wood or animal hooves? Virtual Museum of shoes collected the most original models of shoes that were ever produced in the world but not possible to wear them in public .¬†Wonder what there […]

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New Tablet by HTC Soon With Quad Core Processor

It seems that next year, just lazy manufacturer will not release the hi-tech Soup without the quad-core processor  and, apparently, HTC in not among them. As you know, at the moment, the HTC has only two tablet   Flyer  and Jetstream  and

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New Apple Store with Various Innovations

Apple expected to launch in the next few hours, a new Apple Store in San Francisco by introducing various innovations in order to speed up sales. In the next few hours, Apple will open a new¬†Apple Store¬†in San Francisco at that, but it will be a store different from others already in the world.¬†Bring with […]

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MacBook Pro Updated: What`s New ?

The number of¬†MacBook Pro¬†from Apple’s stock is limited.¬†But this is because the company plans to release updated models of devices. But the main question is that What`s New ? ¬†in Updated Model. Updated MacBook Pro will continue to be produced with 13th, 15th and 17-inch displays. According to 9to5mac, the design of devices will

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How to Choose a Right mobile phone?

Almost everyone, sooner or later, when this far once before it becomes a problem of selecting a new cell phone.And at about this point the problems begin.¬†It appears, choose a life partner is much easier. ¬†From the most varied in the eyes, advertising pulls in different directions, and the manufacturers are cutting vans on the […]

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Velocity Micro Latest to Give Android licensing fees to Microsoft

A company using Android has agreed to give patent licensing fees to Microsoft, because the IP shakedown continues. Velocity Micro follows General Dynamics Itronix in settling up with Microsoft to be used of unspecified mobile patents regarding its current and future Cruz Android tablets, like the 3 models revealed at CES back in January. The […]

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