Named the Most Popular "Apple" Mobile Application in 2011

Named the Popular “Apple” Mobile Application in 2011

Named the Most Popular "Apple" Mobile Application in 2011Note that the number of downloads of an application is not given, but according to the published list, the most popular application has a mobile version of the social network Facebook.

Online radio Pandora (access to approximately 50 000 stations), forming a playlist based on user tastes, took first place in the category of music. As for favorite games, here users prefer Words with Friends and Angry Birds.

Recall that the game is Angry Birds is a very popular and downloaded over 500 million times. In the story of this game green pigs steal the eggs of birds in order to make an omelet out of them,

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Apple's New Success

Apple’s New Success

Apple announced that users have downloaded more than 100 million applications from the online store App Store for Mac in less than one year.

 Apple's New Success

“In just three years App Store was able to change the usual scheme for the acquisition of mobile application users. Now App Store for Mac computer software industry changes  said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing for AppleLess than a year, the number of downloads in the App Store for Mac more than 100 million,

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