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John McAfee Wants Asylum in Guatemala

¬† After his¬†flight from Belize¬†, American antivirus software pioneer John McAfee wants the ¬†political asylum¬†¬†in neighboring Guatemala and for which he ¬†has applied .¬†He was looking for protection from the authorities in Belize, which he feels threatened,¬†McAfee said¬†the U.S. channel¬†CNN¬†.¬†He was afraid they would kill him because he allegedly refused to pay a bribe politicians […]

John McAfee Tracked with iPhone Geolocation

IT founder John McAfee has let fleeing journalists shoot with the iPhone and the image data revealed his secret abode. McAfee spread in his blog that he had tampered with the EXIF data in the image, and put the lie again quickly.

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John McAfee to Continue the Run

The¬†strange story¬†of John McAfee and his possible involvement in a murder case continues.¬†The founder and former owner of the eponymous anti-virus manufacturer’s¬†claims to¬†continue on the run.¬†He was no longer in Belize, where he is wanted by the police in connection with a murder case but not out of danger, McAfee said in his blog and […]

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McAfee Starts to Blog on the Run

John McAfee keeps on running away near his home in Belize. He writes in his blog how he escaped the police dressed, and who accompanied him. The latest entry comes from today.

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7 out of 10 Teenagers Hide the Truth about their Actions on Internet

According to a new study conducted by McAfee, seven out of ten young people tend to hide the peculiarities of their behavior when using the Internet, despite the fact that parents often rely on their children.

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