Facebook Buys Instagram

Escape from Instagram: How and Why?

Facebook Buys InstagramFacebook has acquired Instagram and it has a specific gravity approaching the big bag from the social network. There is, however, a significant slice of Instagram users who did not like the maneuver: Twitter in the last hour there has been a proliferation of messages of disappointment and some say that you have already deleted, or star in order to eliminate their photo sharing account on the platform.

A kind of “repulsion effect” has thus occurred in these hours

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War of Software Patents

The Strange War of Software Patents!

War of Software Patents

After the lawsuit against Facebook from Yahoo! , the legal battle between two giants has marked a new chapter. The firm of Mark Zuckerberg has presented to the court in San Francisco, a counter-complaint against Yahoo!, alleging, in turn, the infringement of patents it owns. Everything is normal? Not at all. Why does this matter confirms that software patents are the biggest farce ever seen in computing . 

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Facebook Office 1

Facebook Office is Decorated with a Giant QR-Code

Facebook Office 1Employees of Facebook have placed on the roof of its new headquarters at a Hacker Way in Menlo Park (California), a huge QR -code area of 12 square meters. Bar code is so large that is visible from satellites.
QR-code is a site FB QR code , where the company can post puzzles, jokes and other entertainment content, writes TechCrunch. When the mark index the online mapping services, it can be viewed, for example, through Google Maps.Facebook Office
By the initiative – a member of the Facebook, Mark Pike. He reacted differently to the call Mark Zuckerberg noted the move to new office. The head of the social network offered to decorate the headquarters, for example, painted the walls of the balloon or hanging on the posters.

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Facebook migrates to Menlo Park

Facebook Migrates to Menlo Park

The  new home  of Facebook can finally accommodate their tenants:  The most popular social network in the world has in fact completed the process of migrating to the new campus in Menlo Park , which permanently replaces the previous one in that location in Palo Alto. From now on, in other words, the more than 2000 employees hired by the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg will sit at a new desk.

Facebook migrates to Menlo Park

Distributed over an area of approximately  100 thousand square meters , the new headquarters of Facebook is able to accommodate about 9200 employees and revolves around a large central courtyard that connects each area of the campus. Within it you can find several dining areas, conference rooms where huge in the future will be held inside the briefings and probably some public events, and various other types of premises to meet the needs of each individual employee.

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Facebook Smartphone "Buffy" Break the Silence

Facebook Smartphone “Buffy” Break the Silence

Facebook Smartphone "Buffy" Break the SilenceAfter several months of silence, back in vogue once again the question of the first smartphones to launch branded Facebook. As reported by All Things Digital, in fact, the social network in Palo Alto would have taken another step forward in the direction of creation of the first mobile device totally oriented to the social, choosing HTC as partner for the production of the same.

The Taiwanese company was selected following a careful analysis phase, with Samsung for a long time in the running for the same position. At the base of the device, whose name should be Buffy , there will be a specially modified version of the Android engineers from Palo Alto to incorporate the best features typical of social networks within the operating system. These include also the implementation of a framework in HTML5 for the

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