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A Unique Apple Device Sells For $ 8,000

A very unusual item appeared in the catalog the Internet auction eBay.¬†Someone with the nickname russel400 offers to buy the machine Apple WALT (Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone) “only” for $ 8,000.¬†The device is an attachment to a desk phone, which allows you to substantially expand its capabilities. The device, developed in 1993, has a very […]

Steve Wozniak Has Declared Android as “A Failure” like Apple III ,Lisa and Macintosh

The co-founder of¬†Apple¬†, Steve Wozniak, was in India to talk to young entrepreneurs on the path and technology in general, but more feeling caused by statements in the Indian television channel. Without much friction, the Wozniak called smartphones that the failed attempt to compete with the¬†iPhone¬†(see¬†Android¬†,¬†Windows Phone¬†, etc.), such failures as were the Apple III, […]

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