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How to Buy a used MacBook?

Today, Apple MacBook laptops are the most popular in the world market due to their attractive appearance, quality build and Mac OS on board.Ā But, like all the products Apple, value “apple” laptops sometimes wildly off scale. How can that be, if you want to buy a fashionable and desirable MacBook, but do not want to […]

A Unique Apple Device Sells For $ 8,000

A very unusual item appeared in the catalog the Internet auction eBay.Ā Someone with the nickname russel400 offers to buy the machine Apple WALT (Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone) “only” for $ 8,000.Ā The device is an attachment to a desk phone, which allows you to substantially expand its capabilities. The device, developed in 1993, has a very […]

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Skype 5.6 for Mac in Full Screen Mode for OS X Lion (Download)

Microsoft has released theĀ new version of Skype for MacĀ with support for automatic updates, interface improvements in group video calls,Ā full-screen mode in OS X LionĀ and the ability to delete conversations and vacate the audio gain control.Ā The update also fixes some problems with chat messages, audio clips HeadsetĀ USBĀ and selecting contacts and others. Elaborating on theĀ improvement of video […]

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Mountain Lion OS X will be Sold Only on the Mac App Store and Not USB (Download)

Mountain Lion OS X has come to light a few hours ago, and we’re still discovering all the details that Apple poses.Ā Besides all the features announced at the official website of the company is always the fine print, those details that maybe overlooked in the descriptions but end up influencing the user in some way.Ā From […]

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