Confirmed: Android 4.0 for the Galaxy S II

Confirmed: Android 4.0 for the Galaxy S II

Confirmed: Android 4.0 for the Galaxy S IIAfter a lot of various “leaks” Samsung has started an official upgrade its flagship smartphone Galaxy S II to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich .

At night, load the firmware update through the owners were able to KIES smartphones in South Korea, today will be updated for the lucky ones from Sweden, Hungary and Poland, for the rest of the Android 4.0 will be available shortly.

Recall that the smartphone has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus with

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iPad3- I Guess Top 10 New Features

iPad3: I Guess Top 10 New Features

From the iPhone ‘s development path, it is easy to see Apple ‘s product strategy: Each release a revolutionary product, then it must be released enhanced products (small change) and then release the next generation of products (great changes, while improving its appearance and function). If, iPad2 is iPad1 and enhanced products, then, iPad3 is the real big change.iPad3- I Guess Top 10 New Features

If iPad3 or October in the first half before release, also can be understood as not improved, but still did not delay any movement to the present, it is likely that a large change in the. IPad2 who has yet shot a friend, a certain hope iPad3 a big change, and those who have bought friends, has spent almost a year’s time soon, and have a fresh period of the. So iPad3 what might have what characteristics? For the domestic and foreign media have done a lot of guess reports, and I guess this combination with reliability level,

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Brightly painted women

Be Aware from “Brightly Painted Women”

Brightly painted womenBritish experts have concluded that women with a lot of cosmetics are considered more beautiful and intelligent, but they do not produce trust. Who participated in the experiment, the men offered to take a quick look at the pictures and appreciate them imprinted on women: no makeup, with a little makeup, and “Brightly Painted Women”Evaluate the beauties they had in terms of attractiveness, intelligence and confidence that they cause. It was found that study participants were unanimous in their opinion that the more makeup, the higher the score on all counts.

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Infographics: The Anatomy of “Apple Rumour Kitchen”

Apple-RumoursBetween 2009 and 2010, Apple whole 15% of all tech news notch up. This figure is likely to have increased again until the end of 2011. No other company is more than reported.

But how precisely will the kitchen rumors around iPhone, iPad and Mac? As a rule, perpetually identical. somebody has heard one thing from somebody, who in flip heard from somebody.

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Release Date Of "Mausam" Has Been Delayed

“Mausam” Has Been Delayed

Release Date Of "Mausam" Has Been Delayed “Mausam”, Which is the much awaited Shahid-Sonam starrer film  which was scheduled to release this week on September 16 has been  delayed a week to September 23.

At a press conference held in Mumbai Shahid who plays the lead in Mausam said,

“The release date has been shifted to September 23. We needed a NOC from IAF and Censor Certificate. This consumed a lot of time delaying the release date. We have made the required changes in the particular 30 seconds scene. Our team believes in our film  we want to bring the best for our audiences.I have seen the film yesterday and am really happy with it, I am very  excited about the film  . Now we will have more time to promote the film and since there are no major releases in the next two weeks,Mausam will not face any problems.”

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Apple Has Intention to Launch iPad 2 Plus This Year.

Apple Has Intention to Launch iPad 2 Plus This Year.

Apple Has Intention to Launch iPad 2 Plus This Year.Apple may well be hit the market with a brand new version of the iPad two this year, FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger said these days within the International Business Times.

Detailing his forecast during a recent investor’s note, Berger said he believes that a tool dubbed the iPad two and may launch in late 2011. Citing “indications from the provision chain,” the analyst said that

According to Analysts , Apple has sent out requests for quotes to completely different suppliers for the new pill, though no specific schedule for production has been confirmed.

Berger added that the show for the iPad two and may well be anywhere from 250 to three hundred pixels per in. (ppi) compared with the present iPad 2’s 132-ppi resolution, IBT reported.

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