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LG PRADA Partnership Agreement Renewed to Build Phone PRADA K2

LG Electronics has announced it has renewed its exclusive agreement with the famous fashion house Prada to create a new “Fashion phone” in 2012. The product is known today as Prada Phone by LG 3.0 , but according to the first rumors could be called LG PRADA K2 . And the first leaked images show only so evocative lines of the design under development. […]

What Should I Get for Best Graphics, Laptop or Desktop ?

Notebooks are advertised with powerful processors and super-fast graphics. The mobile computer can really keep up with desktop PCs? We have made the comparison and discovered numerous vertigo in the names of the notebook graphics. More and more buyers are choosing a laptop. Despite its compact dimensions, the device seems to offer a similar performance as a desktop – PC , which […]

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