Firefox-8-integrates with twitter

Firefox 8 Integrates Twitter Search [Download]

Firefox-8-integrates with twitterMozilla will release tomorrow a new version of its Firefox browser, the eighth, but now available for download . This is the beta 6 released a few days ago has already received consideration of Release Candidate which means that unless it finds a major problem will be final. A word that in the case of Firefox is relative given the frequency with which introduced such innovations. In this case, the most visible is the integration of Web search Twitter.

Among the new features should also underline the default disabling of plug-ins to a third party program to ensure the security and the option of

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The Story Behind Resign of Paul Adams From Google.

The Story Behind Resign of Paul Adams From Google.Paul Adams Writes on Twitter.

In the last couple of weeks there has been plenty of speculation around:
– Why I left Google
– What happened to my book ‘Social Circles’
– What I’m working on at Facebook
I never intended to write publicly about why I left Google, but it seems necessary to give people some facts that they can refer to, and not have people speculating and making stuff up.

Before I get into specifics, I want to say that I still hold tremendous respect for Google. I worked there for four years, loved the company, and busted a gut to help them ship great products. I learned an immense amount from a lot of very smart people.

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