FORM 1, The Record-Breaking 3D Printer on Kickstarter

FORM-1-1We all know the power of Kickstarter , a popular funding site  crowd funding projects which has allowed many to see the light.Today we speak about one of them which has broken records for its popularity: FORM 1, the 3D printer for professional results at a much lower cost than the conventional.

The creative artists who are eager to see their designs come true have a reef with this project. FORM 1 is a high-resolution 3D printer , which allows very accurately recreate digital models.

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PhoneSoap, Charge and Sanitize your Smartphone [Video]

PhoneSoapBecause our beloved smartphones accommodate many more germs than you think , comes a new kickstarter product called PhoneSoap that promises to kill any unwanted bacteria.

 In essence this is a special case where the user places the smartphone during the night and next morning received fully charged and clean. What makes PhoneSoap is to charge your device while neutralizes all microbes using ultraviolet light.

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