New super-computer -monster- from Fujitsu

New Super-Computer “Monster” From Fujitsu

New super-computer -monster- from Fujitsu

New Super-Computer “Monster” From Fujitsu introduced With more than double output than the Previous.

The construction of a new super-computer, PRIMEHPC FX10, which comes to upgrade impressively the potential of leading to now Japanese “monster,” the computer “K”, said the Japanese company Fujitsu.  The “K” is the brainchild of same company and was classified powerful computers worldwide this June. The announcement marks the final displacement in 2011 of China and its own super-computer from the top of global rankings, which was found last year. While the “K” had reached this month the computational power of 10,51 petaflops (theoretically can reach up to 11,28 petaflops), o PRIMEHPC FX10 has more than doubled 23,2 petaflops power and memory 6 petabytes (petaflop each corresponding to 1,000 trillion calculations per second). The new “giant” will

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Lady Gaga Channel is Banned on YouTube.

Laddy-GAGA1Lady Gaga’s official channel, YouTube has been suspended by the video sharing website. People who click on it expecting to see material published by Camino born singer are greeted with a simple message.

 This account has been suspended due to multiple or serious violations of the  Copyright  Policy of YouTube,

Several online reports say it is because of a disagreement between the star and a Japanese company of the media Copyright violation. Lady Gaga recently appeared on SMAP X SMAP, a weekly television program in Japan to promote his new album.

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