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Superpowers of AI, Augmented Reality and IoT

Most of us associate superpowers with comics and movies.¬†But artificial intelligence and augmented reality make a lot of things possible these days.¬†However, the decisive factor will be who uses the progress for himself. “What is Batman’s superpower?¬†Money. ‚ÄĚA standard joke in the comic world.¬†Otherwise, almost all superheroes have very special, superhuman powers. What we know […]

Data is the fuel of Internet of Things

Mark Re of Seagate looks to the future of data.¬†IoT and other topics will lead to a dramatic increase in the amount of data. Current technologies are undoubtedly very impressive. Above all because they are becoming more and more adaptable and adaptable.¬†This is particularly evident in the Internet of Things (IoT). An enormous network of […]

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SIM cards for IoT use

Whether it’s a container, truck or garbage can: the easiest way to¬†integrate¬†things¬†wirelessly into the¬†Internet of Things is¬†by mobile phone¬†.¬†In addition to the big players in the industry, there are numerous smaller and larger specialized providers on the market that promise tailor-made solutions. The market of network providers for the¬†access of all kinds of things to […]

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HiveMQ brings the cloud to the cloud

The¬†Internet of Things¬†meets enterprise solutions: from sensors to professional applications and back. The HiveMQ company has expanded the Kafka extension of its MQTT-based messaging broker for devices of the Internet of Things.It will help to let HiveMQ clusters work with the cloud-based Kafka solution from Confluent.¬†This integrates the IoT cloud into the enterprise cloud and […]

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