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New Study Refines Material for Making Invisibility Cloak

A study published in the journal “Nature Materials” records another step taken by science toward making an invisibility cloak. The material was developed by a team at Duke University in the United States, which had already developed a similar material in 2006.┬áThe new creation is an evolution of the object created six years ago.

Scientific Progress to Hide Objects With “Thermal Layer”

An idea does not seem too out of a Hollywood script could become a reality following the theoretical demonstration of a group of scientists in France. The possibility of an invisibility cloak could have a new actor: the heat . The idea has been published in the journal Optics Express . An investigation where a […]

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DARPA Creates Equipment Able to Hide Objects in Time

┬á Technology systems can contribute to┬ámore secure data transmission┬á(Photo: Playback) Physical supported by the┬áPentagon┬áin the United States, announced ┬áthat managed to develop a system capable of concealing events and objects during a small fraction of the time.┬áThe device thus makes something invisible in time and not in space. Details of the study were published in […]

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The Most Interesting Developments in Nanotechnologies

Nanomachine, nanogenerator, nanoelectronics – but most of all, the innovations relate to the field of nanomedicine. The most interesting developments (till now) in nanotechnologies in are: Nanomachine Researchers from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and the Swiss Research Laboratory of Materials Science and Technology created a prototype of nano-sized car.┬áIt is a large […]

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New Invisibility Cloak Objects Hidden From Human Sight

For the primary time, scientists have developed a material layer of invisibility that hides objects detection using light that’s visible to humans. The new device could be a breakthrough in camouflage materials, in keeping with a report within the journal ACS Nano letters.

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