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“iPad will be Very Useful in Space” – The NASA Said

Apple has officially launched the new generation iPad on 7/3, American astronauts on the ISS are ┬ácurrently waiting for a convenient handset to life outside the Earth becomes less than boring. Dan Burbank – NASA astronaut, who runs the station said that he wanted to have an iPad or any other tablet to be used […]

“Angry Birds Space” What will be New in the Game? [Video]

Rovio, the Helsinki-based company responsible for the smash hit Angry Birds and its variations, had talked about┬áAngry Birds Space┬álast month.┬áBut at that time was just a teaser without any data about the game, and now the company has introduced the game all the way from the international space station.┬áIn the video you have just above […]

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Japanese Plans the Construction of a Space Elevator Before 2050

The┬áspace exploration┬áhas always been one of the great hopes of humanity and more than half a century, a reality made possible through the efforts of a few people who were able to build rocket ships and space shuttles that have gone into human beings into space and build, for example, the International Space Station.┬áA┬áJapanese company┬áhas […]

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CleanSpace One: A Satellite Cleaner Designed by Switzerland (Video)

Most people believe that around the Earth revolves only satellites but the reality is different. Apart from the satellites, however, are in orbit for thousands of space junk.

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First Private U.S. Spaceship “Dragon” Travel to ISS In February 2012

Washington, Dec:┬áThe U.S. space agency announced the launch date of the private spaceship┬áDragon┬áwith the International Space Station (ISS).┬áAs I know, this is a significant event to happen February 7th, 2012. The main feature of the flight was that the machine commissioned by NASA produced a private company called┬áSpaceX┬á.┬áThe output of private players in the market […]

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